WWE rumor summary: Dolph Ziggler switched to RAW and other WWE news

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Hello and welcome to our edition of WWE Rumors Roundup today. We bring some amazing and recent WWE news and rumors, including WWE Rumor Roundup: Dolph Ziggler has moved to RAW, WWE plans to bring the crowd live and more.

WWE Rumors Summary

We are discussing here, WWE rumors and spoilers about Dolph Ziggler have gone from SmackDown to RAW. WWE rumors and news about the WWE phase are planning to bring live audiences back to the shows. Latest WWE news and rumors about Fox unhappy with the recent SmackDown segment and many other rumors and spoilers from Pro Wrestling.

WWE 2020 rumors and spoilers

So bring some tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy the whole edition of WWE Rumors Roundup.

# 6 WWE rumors and news about Dolph Ziggler moved from SmackDown to RAW

According to WWE Rumors and News, Dolph Ziggler changes from SmackDown to RAW. The transition from Ziggler to RAW as part of the AJ Styles trade with SmackDown.

Dolph Ziggler switches to RAW Monday night

Recently, we saw WWE trade AJ Styles for SmackDown due to the lack of power of the stars on the blue mark. WWE has also stated that we may see future exchanges on RAW. So it is inevitable that someone from SmackDown will be switched to RAW.

WWE reportedly sold Dolph Ziggler to RAW

So now rumors and news from WWE has revealed that Monday Night RAW has chosen Dolph Ziggler in exchange for AJ Styles trade. Below is WWE News.

“Dolph Ziggler switches to RAW as part of AJ Styles” trade “at SmackDown.”

Drew McIntyre to team up with Dolph Ziggler once again?

This is an indication that the long rivalry between Otis-Mandy-Ziggler is ending. There are no rumors or news from WWE about Dolph Ziggler’s plans on RAW. Maybe WWE is using it against Drew McIntyre and Dolph is once again in the title picture.

# 5 WWE news and rumors about WWE’s 4-phase plan to bring audiences back

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE News and Rumors on WWE's 4 Phase Plan to Bring Audience - Sports Info Now

The latest WWE news and rumors have stated that WWE has started using the family and friends of the WWE Superstar in shows as audiences from now on. WWE News and Rumors also suggested that bringing family and friends back to the shows is the first phase of WWE’s plan to bring the crowd live.

WWE has detailed plan to bring fans back sooner than expected

Now WWE News and Rumors has revealed that in the second phase, WWE is getting tired of slowly eliminating NXT talent from the public. Instead, WWE brings back more superstar family and friends as well as a few small groups of WWE fans outside of WWE talent.

However, few people behind the scenes have reservations about an early return

In the third phase, WWE will only bring back fans and WWE will completely boycott all WWE talents from the crowd. In this phase, WWE uses 50% of the fans in the arena. WWE can convince WWE viewers that it is now safe to come into the arena for live shows.

Report: WWE has a four-step plan to bring fans back to live shows

And in the last and fourth faces, WWE tries to bring fans back on tour around the world and direct the shows and PPVs. And this phase comes into action until the end of August.

It’s one of WWE Rumors Roundup’s main WWE titles: Dolph Ziggler switched to RAW, WWE plans to bring the crowd live, and more.

# 4 WWE Fox rumors and spoilers unhappy with recent SmackDown

WWE Rumors Roundup - WWE Fox rumors and spoilers unhappy with recent SmackDown - Sports Info Now

Fox signs a five-year contract with WWE in 2018. This agreement moved SmackDown from Tuesday evening to Friday evening.

FOX officials unhappy with urine attack on SmackDown

Recently, the WWE SmackDown segment that involved Sheamus and Jeff Hardy was censored for the West Coast of the United States. WWE rumors and spoilers now reported have revealed the reason to change the segment for part of the country. Check below.

The controversial WWE SmackDown segment

“It was broadcast on the east coast, but not on the west coast. Fox said it violated their standards and practices, so they ran an ad so we couldn’t see it on the west coast. That is what it was all about. “

# 3 Latest WWE News and Rumors of the Removal of Certain Superstars from the Registrations

WWE latest news and rumors of the removal of some superstars from the records - Sports Info Now

According to the latest WWE news and rumors, many WWE superstars have withdrawn from the records due to health concerns in this pandemic situation.

WWE backstage concern

Previously, Sami Zayn and Roman Reign unsubscribed from WWE television recordings. The latest WWE news and rumors have also suggested that Sami and Reigns are both pulling out of their best current scripts, but this has not been sanctioned.

There are some talents who are considering taking time off.

Now, the latest news and rumors from WWE have stated that we could see many more superstars who can leave television for several weeks. Some superstars who don’t use on TV on all brands, including RAW, SmackDown and NXT.

COVID-19 situation could lead to removal of a few other WWE superstars from records

In the last one, Kevin Owens is the superstar who takes off recordings for a week. So it should come as no surprise that some superstars do not appear on television in the coming weeks.

# 2 WWE News and Rumors on Sasha Makes a Huge Social Media Claim

WWE News and Rumors on Sasha Makes Huge Social Media Claim - Sports Info Now

Recently on social media, half of current WWE female team champion Sasha Banks posted on a photo of herself and Bayley with the team championship with the caption “We are the best team by team all time”.

Mickie James and Matt Hardy also reacted to Sasha Banks’ statement

We can say that the banks displayed this while concretizing its character of heel. After that, she also gets a response from certain superstars. Mickie James gives his answer with the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express’ GIF.

Sasha Banks says she and Bayley are “better than FTR”

Banks then responded and claimed that she and Bayley were taller than the WWE Hall of Famers. But Sasha misspelled her response and DAX Hardwood of AEW notices him and takes a picture of Banks and says he hopes Sasha Banks forgot to write “Roll” on purpose.

Sasha Banks made some important statements that got fans talking

Then Sasha again responded to DAX and said that the Boss ‘n’ connection was better than FTR. Then DAX answered him and told him not to forget where they came from.

# 1 WWE rumors and news about why Owens disconnected from the tapes

WWE Rumors & News About Why Owens Disconnected From The Tapes

Recently, WWE decided that all registrations were suspended until all COVID-19 tests were completed and the results were obtained. Kevin Owens is the last superstars who don’t want to watch the TV recordings.

Kevin Owens misses WWE recording

Below are the WWE rumors and news:

“I was told that yesterday some WWE employees had to wait up to three hours to undergo the COVID-19 tests.

I was also told that there have since been “several rewrites” for this week’s programming. “

Kevin Owens was absent from this week’s recording, but will be back.

WWE rumors and news now suggest the reason for Kevin Owens’ absence and his return date below:

“Kevin Owens will not be on this upcoming RAW because he chose not to stay – he lives in the area, but he decided not to come. They were told that if you don’t want to come, you don’t have to come and that his wife’s grandfather died from COVID as in the past two weeks, so the family was obviously concerned about the fact that he works with someone who may have COVID. in the building. I think he’ll be back on the 29th, so I think he’s just going to miss a week. “

So here are all the WWE news, rumors, spoilers and updates from the WWE Rumors Roundup edition. We’ve covered WWE 2020 rumors and spoilers, including a summary of WWE rumors: Dolph Ziggler switched to RAW, WWE plans to bring the crowd live and more.

Latest WWE News and Rumors

Click below to learn more about the latest WWE news and rumors:

WWE rumor summary: WWE canceled SmackDown recordings, Mustafa Ali quietly tends to RAW and more.

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