Weight-Loss: How To Make Lemon- Coriander Detox Drink For Weight Loss 

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Detox Drinks for weight loss: Summer coolers can often help in detox.


  • Coriander may help boost metabolism
  • Lemon juice is packed with vitamin C
  • Detox drink may help weight-management

Come summer and we are looking for all things hydrating and refreshing. It is very necessary for us to tweak our diet with season since that is our body’s demand as well. Warm concoctions, ghee-filled ladoos and overtly spicy food is not exactly what a lot of us are seeking right now. This is the time to eat light and cooling foods, and rejuvenating drinks. The moment we think about summer drinks, we picture sweet sherbets, milkshakes, lassi and aam pannas, but there are so many ways in which you can be super creative  with your summer coolers and lose some weight while you are at it! Yes, you heard us. We have all indulged a lot in these past few months and are also guilty of not engaging in enough physical activity. This has left many people complaining about the weight-gain.

Summer coolers can be as easy and complex as you want them to be. In this lemon and coriander detox water, all you need is some water, few sprigs of coriander and some lemon juice.
Just like lemon, coriander leaves are also incredibly effective in boosting metabolism. It helps detox your body naturally, flush out toxins that help you feel light. It is also loaded with chlorophyll, which has been associated with greater weight loss benefits (as per various health experts). Coriander leaves, with lemon juice, mixed with water makes for low-calorie drink, in comparison to the sugary drinks and sodas that are laden with calories.

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Coriander leaves, with lemon juice, mixed with water makes for low-calorie drink

How To Make Lemon-Coriander Detox Water

1. Take a small-sized glass bottle or mason jar. Fill it with fresh water.
2. Now dunk one or two sprigs, or 5-10 grams of coriander leaves in the water.
3. Next you can add one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. You can add some lemon zest too.
4. Close the bottle and let it refrigerate overnight.

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Take it out next day and enjoy your zingy and delicious detox drink. It has been emphasised often enough that hydration is key for weight loss in summers. You should at least have eight-glasses of water everyday. The plain taste of water could get a tad monotonous, this way you can spruce up your water a bit and make hydration fun!

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