Tip Your Bartender: The Iberian Pig, Decatur, GA

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“Tip your bartender,” welcome to a special two-week encore PUNCH’s social media initiative connected our readers to bar teams across the country via Instagram. Based on popular demand, we are bringing a new group of drink-makers around the country, who re-showcase the classics – from Tequila Sunrise to Pina Colada.

Between 15 June and 26 June, the bar for each dollar tipped for the teams, Bacardi family of brands Generously committed to matching it with gifts equal to our charitable companions, Restaurant Worker Community Foundation.

Send a tip to Iberian Pig Bar employees via Venmo Searching @parrisoffponce.

Paris Broadus, The Iberian Pig | Destur, Georgia

Paris Broadus’ refreshing Spritz highlighted the summer produce of his hometown of Atlanta. Fresh basil and juicy peaches play with the floral notes of Saint-Germain while the gray goose provides a spine of vodka. Broadus recommends infecting any fresh fruit you may have on the tea to customize the formula to your taste.

1 ½ cent-ounce of germain
1 ounce gray goose vodka
2 oz Peach Basil Black Tea
Top with Topo Chico

Garnish: large basil leaf, thin slices of peach and a lime wheel.

Make the ingredients in the glassware, shake gently, garnish and serve

Editor’s Note

Peach Basil Black Tea
2 cups of water
10 large basil leaves
Peaches larger than 1 medium, diced in medium sized chunks
1 tablespoon loose black tea (or 2-3 black tea bags)

Bring water and peaches to boil and let simmer for ten minutes, low heat, and simmer for an additional five minutes before removing from heat. Add black tea and basil (torn into large pieces with stems) and let stand for 10 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve and keep in an airtight container for two days.

Order material for this cocktail for delivery By trickery.

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