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Sue Bird Promises the 2020 ESPYs Will Not “Shy Away” From Addressing Racial Inequality – E! Online

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As one of the hosts of the 2020 ESPYs, Sue Bird has vowed to address race and inequality on the award show. 

The basketball player and her partner Megan Rapinoe, along with their co-host Russell Wilson, spoke to reporters during a pre-show conference call on Tuesday. On this call, the three hosts promised that they will acknowledge the current conversations happening around race and inequality as it pertains to sports, something that Sue said they all see eye to eye on. “When it comes to issues surrounding race and inequality, we’re all aligned. This isn’t something we shy away from,” she explained. 

Megan agreed and stated that she believes the ESPYs highlights the intersectionality of sports with race, culture, gender and sexuality, while also giving “people a chance to have a night where they get to smile.”

As for how they will touch on these matters, Wilson shared, “We’ll definitely acknowledge that in a really powerful way I believe.”

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