Rookie Rookie Class 2020: Which player will have the greatest impact?

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In the 2020 NFL repechage, there were six rollbacks before the end of the second round. None of them are guaranteed to start the season at number one on the depth chart, but that may change over the course of the season. Which of these recruits is most likely to succeed this season and is there a later draft pick that will outperform them all?

The probable duo

All the first signs point to one of Clyde Edwards-Helaire or Jonathan Taylor as the most successful recruit in 2020.

Edwards-Helaire, drafted by the Chiefs with the final pick in the first round, has instant potential to thrive on Andy Reid’s attacking game plan and be the focal point of a high-scoring, productive attack. The current back Damien Williams has shown bursts of brilliance, but tends to record his best performances for the post-season (including 2 touchdowns and 133 versatile yards in Superbowl LIV). Of course, no one expects Edwards-Helaire to immediately remove all of Williams’ vehicles, but there is a reason why he was drafted in the first round, and it was not to sit on the bench. The most likely option is that chefs use Edwards-Helaire in the same way as Cleveland Browns use Kareem Hunt – a rhythm change option that can be used in both the racing and overtaking game. Reid’s game plan will include many touches for both, especially given Edwards-Helaire’s additional capacity as a receiver of passes.

Jonathan Taylor became the first Colts ball carrier before the fourth round since general manager Chris Ballard was in charge. In fact, they traded to catch Taylor with the 41st global choice – only the third time Ballard has traded! The fact that they wanted to do this shows exactly how much they loved Taylor’s potential and how much he was going to hand the ball to him.

The Colts currently have both Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines on the list, so there’s a good chance that Taylor will start the season on some type of committee (suggested by manager Frank Reich in a recent interview) but as with Edwards -Helaire, it wasn’t written that high to stay on the bench. At one point at the start of the season, he will replace Mack as the point guard, Hines being used more as a catch catcher, and behind the Colts’ stellar offensive line (which finished 2019 in third place in the PFF attacking line rankings), he will surely flourish. It should also be noted that the five starters will all return to the offensive line in 2020.

Both players excelled in college and both rank in yards after tackle. Edwards-Helaire held an SEC record 782 yards after touchdown in 2019 to tie 71 best SEC broke streaks, while Taylor’s 3921 yards after touchdown since 2017 was the highest in college football during this period. The only thing that could work against Edwards-Helaire is the quality of the Chiefs’ 16th offensive line.e in 2019, but it’s scary to think how great Andy Reid’s offense can be with Edwards-Helaire aligned with Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and of course Patrick Mahomes. At this point, it’s hard to separate them, but both will have the workload and the right head coach to make a huge impact in 2020.

The pretenders

Andre Swift, taken by the Lions with the 35e overall choice in the project, should have no problem with the workload. Kerryon Johnson suffered multiple knee injuries and when he was able to take the field, his production was limited at best. The Lions clearly believe that it is already time to leave Johnson and it would not be surprising to see Swift grab their heads when they face the Bears in the first week.

Swift has had an excellent two past years with the Georgia Bulldogs, rushing for more than 2,000 yards and 17 touchdowns, and despite his concerns about his relative lack of hits (only eight games with more than 16 races), he kept fresh in a league where burnout is an ever-increasing problem. In 2019, Lions were among the top 10 teams blocking runes, and with an extremely talented cast in quarterback Matthew Stafford and a large receiving duo Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones, Swift could be the last piece of the offensive puzzle for bring the Lions into the after-season.

The ball carrier depth table before the Rams showed little talent and depth. Todd Gurley joined the Falcons, and Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown did nothing in 2019 to suggest that they were ready to lead the Rams. Enter Cam Akers! Written with 52North Dakota a global choice, Akers has an immediate opportunity to win the starting role position. Not so long ago, the Rams were excellent at directing the ball, and there should be enough volume for the Akers to be productive. It is feared that the 31st of last seasonst the classified offensive line will be a stumbling block to success, but Akers has already been in this position. In Florida, he ran behind the fourth block of the lowest Power-5 run and still finished the 2019 season with 1,144 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns in 11 games. Akers has great upside potential and the talent to make a huge impact in 2020.

If this article was based on who is most likely to have the greatest impact in his NFL career, then J.K. The dobbins would likely be at the top. Widely considered the best ball carrier in the repechage, Dobbins was selected with the 55e global choice of Ravens; a heavy racing offensive led by current MVP Lamar Jackson and a trio of supporters. Dobbins has elite speed, vision and racing style to scare away opposition defenses, and his 4,459 rushing yards at Ohio State are second only after Heisman’s double winner Archie Griffin (Dobbins also finished his university career with almost 500 more yards on the ground than Ezekiel Elliott). But in 2020, Dobbins will start in a deep committee. Current point guard Mark Ingram and quarterback Jackson combined for 2,224 rushing yards in 2019 and although there are more than enough touches to go around (the Ravens had 527 runs designed last season!) , There is a good chance that the Dobbins are not fully used. from the first week. Add to that a limited workload for Judge Hill and Gus Edwards, it is likely that Dobbins’ early season work will be limited, but as the season progresses and he impresses, the starting role will be the his for years to come.

The foreigners

Sometimes a player comes out of nowhere to beat the competition and make a huge impact in the NFL. Ke’Shawn Vaughn, drafted by the Buccaneers with the 76e global choice, is the best place to do it. The former Vanderbilt star has led the SEC in the past two seasons with an average of 4.4 yards per rush after touchdown, and is on a roster with no established start. Ronald Jones, who has struggled to get ahead of Peyton Barber in the past two seasons, has yet to show that he is worthy of a point guard and Vaughn should at the very least feed off his touches. Vaughn has a lot of advantages in this new attack from the Buccaneers and his receiving skills could also match Tom Brady’s short pass play well.

While they all have potential and will see playtime throughout 2020, it’s unclear what impact AJ Dillon and Zack Moss will have. Dillon (written by the Packers with the 62North Dakota global choice) and Moss (written by the Bills with the 86e global choice) will fight to become RB2 within their respective team and will have to make the most of each snap from the start to establish themselves in the offensive. Dillon, with a frame resembling Derrick Henry, is most likely to have an impact, but proving that he is a better option than Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams could be difficult in 2020.

Finally, there is the joker in the group – Antonio Gibson. Written by the Redskins with the 66e overall choice, Gibson is actually classified as RB / WR but is likely to be used primarily as a ball carrier in the attack on Ron Rivera. During his 2019 university season in Memphis, Gibson averaged 11.2 yards per rushing, rushing for 369 yards and 4 touchdowns while posting 38 catches for 735 yards and 8 touchdowns – a small sample but enough to convince much that he is ready for the stage. to the top. Gibson is an explosive player with a striking capacity at home and a very high cap and who could be the surprise rookie package.

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