Reduction in government clarity will weigh on UK meat sector

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Nick Allen of BMPA is calling on the government to finalize the decision regarding export certification and warns that if the clarity is not offered soon, the UK’s meat businesses will suffer.

Meat question mark

The UK government does not have long to take action until British meat businesses have warned British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) CEO Nick Allen of losing orders to EU customers.

Of course, the post-Brexit transition period is still referring to the decision on export certification and tariff arrangements, and has voiced his fear that the UK meat industry will see a decline in orders from September until The government does not make it clear. Decision in next few weeks.

There is a lack of information from the government on key issues of the UK’s formal approval for exporting meat products to the European Union and the approval of our meat plants. If this process is delayed until the autumn, from 1 January there will be great uncertainty about our position and UK exporters will not be able to agree on further contracts.

“There is also deep concern over the provision of an army of additional veterinary inspectors, which will be required by law as soon as the infection period ends. These additional vets will need to sign a consignment of EU bound meat products. Currently no one is taking responsibility for these issues and due to lack of certainty, export orders can be halted. “

Until now, businesses have only needed one invoice to ship goods to the European Union, but once the transition period is over, a new, longer way of business will have to go. According to Allen, none of these processes have been addressed yet.

Allen also expressed concern over the tariffs, which he believes could exacerbate the problem: “Our EU customers may be unhappy with tariffs of up to 40 per cent on UK meat exports.”

BMPA said in a statement, “If these arrangements do not happen soon, our long-term EU customers will face many risks that they will not be prepared to take.” “Committed to any order or supply contract after 31 December, without knowing what the price will be or even if they will be allowed to bring special goods to the country, which would make no sense to EU buyers or, in fact, In, customers elsewhere. in the world.

“The obvious solution would be to turn our back on UK exporters and source products from our exporters, who would be happy to trade away from British processors.”

What is needed Government

BMPA can expect the government to issue “badly needed” information on export health certificates and apply well to meat products before September this year.

It warns that “without clarity and certainty, millions of pounds of export trade and many jobs may be lost”.

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