Barry Callebut’s webinar series educates on chocolate and wellness trends

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Barry Callebout knows chocolate, consumers and how to take advantage of it and the upcoming trends in both confection and food and drinks in general.

Typically, the company shares this knowledge at trade shows, seminars and meetings, and through personal interactions with stakeholders. But this year, as trade shows have been canceled due to the threat of coronovirus and social distancing causing a loss in face-to-face meetings, Barry Callebout is doing something different, said Laura Bergen, the company’s director of brand marketing food. Told the dive. .

Next week, the company will host three 40-minute webinars through it New bc live stage. Lunch time sessions will introduce manufacturers and formula to consumers for the latest trends that will use chocolate ingredients. Chefs will also provide ideas on these trends and how to incorporate Barry Calebut’s chocolate into some products.

Bergen told Food Dive that the company was exploring different ways to share this information with its customers even before the epidemic began. But with schedules such as cancellations for May and cancellations such as the Snacks Expo, Barry Calebout was seen more seriously in hosting webinars.

“[We] Still didn’t want to lose that touch point with our customer base, so that’s really the foundation of why we’re moving forward with our webinar series next week, “Bergen told Food Dive.” Under our new BC live platform, it is underway. There is actually a way for our customers to communicate new news, solutions, trends that we can bring out. Ultimately, we want to be a valuable partner for our customers. “

The week begins with a Monday seminar titled “Centennial Chocolate Trends” focused on millennials and Gen Z consumers and how their preference for you and better food is shaping the market. Tuesday’s webinar is “Chocolate Solutions for Eating Lifestyle,” and takes a look at adopting ingredients to fit dietary options such as veg and keto. And it closes with “New Chef Concepts Live”, a kitchen demo focused on taking these trends and building them into products.

Before the coronovirus epidemic retained the traditional way of doing business, Bergen said that Barry Callebut had chosen several of these topics to present to his clients this year. Although topics and messages were not shaped by coronoviruses, Bergen said that health and wellness are likely to be more on top in the coming months for consumers hoping to boost their immunity. Bergen said that manufacturers want to launch products that are both organic and superior — you should be able to get ideas from the series.

Bergen said that Barry Callebut doesn’t just provide material. It also conducts extensive consumer research and works with manufacturers to develop products. The webinar series will highlight those aspects of her business, she said.

“I think that’s the whole story that we bring, and ultimately it makes us Unique, “Bergen said.” It is not a perspective, it is a journey, and we are along that entire journey when our customers actually launch a new product. “

Bergen said the webinar, which the company says would be most useful to manufacturers in the United States and Canada, has attracted existing Barry Callebut customers and attracted new ones, Bergen said. According to the company, they have participatory limits, and as of Wednesday afternoon they had 80% of their capacity.

If the webinar series is successful, Bergen stated that it is possible that Barry Callebut will continue to use this format for customer education, even when people can attend in-person events.

“I think it is She said, “We opened our eyes and inspired us to think that we have the right touch points to communicate real-time solutions and ideas to customers.”

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